The Doxx Alliance

We’ve built the Doxxed Alliance to protect the entire crypto community.

RMDoxx is the FIRST project of the Doxxed Alliance

The Doxxed Alliance launched as a result of yet another exploitation project – otherwise known as a rugpull. The goal is to move away from the conventional way of launching multiple projects and to work together with other doxxed
teams, utilizing the benefits of the ZION utility.

RMDoxx will always prioritize safety and security over profits.


The Doxxed Alliance

RMDoxx is part of the Doxxed Alliance platform which is an ecosystem of multiple utilities, use case, and reflections to holders.

RMDoxx Tokenomics ETH

Total Supply 10,000,000,000,000

3% Liquidity

7% Reflections

Daily reflections from operation wallet will be used for Marketing, Budgeting and potential Buybacks


There are countless projects that hide behind
avatars and unknown identities, and often take
advantage of investors who are passionate
about crypto. This is what motivates RMDoxx,
and is the reason we are building a dependable
crypto project for ALL investors: big and small.

Multi-sig 5/7 Unruggable Token

Q: What do nuclear submarines and Fort Knox
both have in common?
A: They only need TWO keys to be unlocked!!!

Our project goes beyond this golden standard
in security and requires a MINIMUM of
5-key and 5-layer approval around the world!


RMDoxx Timeline

With the help from our teams, contributors and investors, these are the major milestones that we are working towards achieving.

Oct 2021
RMDoxx is the first project of the Doxxed Ecosystem
Nov 2021
CMC, Coin Gecko, Audit, 2000 TG members
Dec 2021
Zion: Phase 1 Testing/Dev, Doxxed Alliance Partnership
Jan 2022
Zion: Phase 1 Testing/Dev Stage
Feb 2022
Zion: Phase 1 Production
Mar 2022
Community Platform to educate people on how to identify Rugs, Save/Invest/Manage money and create wealth
Apr 2022
Beginning of Zion, Phase: 2 development
May 2022
Big Party for reaching 100m MC


The world of cryptocurrency is changing lives
everyday. Centralized and Decentralized
worlds must learn to co-exist while maintaining
a good reputation.
ZION does exactly that.
Zion verifies centralized and decentralized
entities across the blockchain and social-media
networks, in real-time, and calculates a score
across multiple domains which help evaluate
their trustworthiness.

Zion gives our customers the long-term reliability needed by today’s dynamic entities. This is possible through the advanced identification system (AIS) which allows Zion to offer blockchain entities an extra layer of security when conducting business within the crypto sphere.

  • Easy way to verify identity
  • Maintain a decentralized or centralized identity; the choice is yours
  • Minimize substantial costs
  • Professional network
  • Fast identity screening

End to End Solution

  • Technology Assesment
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Flows Intelligence
  • Investors Risk Tolerance

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have provided some information on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), cryptocurrencies,  and some other common inquiries. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is The Doxxed Alliance?

It’s an ecosystem that offers a safe investment ground for its members.

How can I purchase RMDoxx?

As of now, you can find RMDoxx on Uniswap, Lbank and Fegex. See top right of this page.

How can I participate with the community?

Please go to our telegram group and join the community.

How do I benefit from RMDoxx?

Holders may earn a lifetime passive income. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy 7% Reflections on each buy and sell.

What is the contract ID ?


Is this related to Rick and Morty Token?

We are a community token that has nothing to do with the original Rick and Morty project.

What is so special about this token ?

RMDoxx is a unique platform; it is unruggable and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital within the crypto world.

Where is RMDoxx listed?

Coingecko, CMC, Fegex, Lbank and Uniswap

Who reviewed the token?

Jake Gagain, House of Crypto, Cat, Brian Makes Benjamins, IamLucid and many more…

What is your utility ?

Zion will be main utility in The Doxxed Alliance ecosystem

How much has been burned ?

Around 20% so far, with more to come…


When paper hands sell, they are making more tokens quickly and rewarding diamond holders with 7% reflections. What the paper hands don't recognize is the fact that a supply squeeze is bound to occur causing price to soar. It is at this point that the HODL army will reap the benefits.

Is the team DOXXED?

Not only is every developer on the project FULLY doxxed publicly, it is important to note that the entire team is also doxxed internally.


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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    Haas Beydoun
    CIO & Lead Dev
    Dr. Ellis Jaruzel
    David Koberlein
    Kyle Gaudet
    BD & PRO
    Nenad Markovic
    Bojan Radivojevic

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